The United States faces major protests a week after George Floyd was killed while he was arrested in Minneapolis on May 25, and last Sunday saw riots and looting of many high-end retail stores, and Apple had a share of these attacks, and the giant company has taken measures to protect employees and prevent More damage.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, sent a message to his employees as the protests escalated, saying, "There is pain deeply engraved in the spirit of our nation and in the hearts of millions, to stand together we must defend each other, and realize the fear, harm, and anger caused by the violent killing of George Floyd and the history of Much longer to racism. "

"At Apple, our mission has always been and will always be to create technology that enables people to change the world for the better. We have always drawn strength from our diversity, welcomed people from all walks of life to our stores around the world, and we strive to build an Apple that includes everyone," Cook said.

Apple employees understood these words, as the technology giant made a decision to close most of its stores in the US states for the safety of these employees and customers, and the stores that were just re-opened after a long closure due to the Corona virus became a preferred target for looting, given the value of the offered devices, and a decision was made to remove the stock From store floors and placed in closed cabinets.

Apple stores have been attacked or vandalized in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia, where thieves have stolen any Apple products that were in their hands, but being an Apple company cannot go through these robberies without there being consequences.

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It has long been known that Apple is running a form of proximity software that disrupts the device when it is illegally taken from a store.

This technology was not visible to the public previously, but Apple sent a message to thieves who seized its new devices saying: Do not open your stolen device because "this device has been disabled and is being tracked, and the local authorities will be alerted."

None of these devices are likely to be returned to stores, but this is not the point, they may be stripped to parts, and likely to be quickly dumped due to concerns of some form of tracking.

And Apple had taken previous steps, in an attempt to make its devices worthless once they were stolen or lost, and they developed the "Find My Phone" function that enables users to track their iPhone.

"If you lose your device, put it in lost mode to lock it immediately and start tracking its location," Apple says.

And for users who are losing their iPhones, Apple provides helpful advice on what to do next, but for those who are considering stealing a store it is a simpler advice: Don't, the stolen device won't work, and it may lead to unwelcome guests on Your door.