Although it is said that it is getting a little slower at the stage of the protests, looting and arson are continuing every night. Heavy equipment was mobilized to break the door of the store, but when concerns were concerned, the Korean American community decided to respond by constructing its own patrol.

Reporter Jung Joon-hyung reports.

<Reporter> The

door of the electronics store was smashed down by a large ladder truck.

Protesters mobilized heavy equipment to plunder the store.

The protests are spreading through indiscriminate looting in the face of public security, and the damage of Korean Americans is also increasing.

In Philadelphia, 50 Korean shops were attacked.

Beauty supplies stores, cell phones, and shoes stores were mainly damaged.

[Sharon Hwang/Philadelphia Korean American President: I cut the iron gate with a chainsaw... Cut all the locks, lift the iron door completely, break it, break the glass and go in... .] Since

police and the National Guard are deployed around important facilities in the city center, it is difficult to prevent destruction and looting even at a small distance.

[Sharon Huang /美Philadelphia Korean President: When (police) even contacted the police looting is over the situation, South Korea, people report that being plundered at home CCTV, but can not go because the risk -

the last African riots during 1992 In the case of the Korean town in Los Angeles, which was heavily damaged, some Korean shops were damaged, and the State Defense Forces were in full force to protect the Korean town.

[Laura Park/LA Korean compatriots: This time Koreans had a lot of experience in the past, so they were hitting the partitions with plywood.] It

was found that nearly 100 cases of property damage in Korean stores in the United States occurred. As looting increases, the anxiety of the Korean society is growing.