June 02, 2020 The images that come from the United States in these days tell a company that is "imploding" due to atavistic problems related to segregation and racism. This was stated in an interview with the Adnkronos agency Diletta Bellotti, an activist who together with the actress Blu Yoshimi promoted a mobilization in Italy for George Floyd, the African American who died during a police arrest in Minneapolis.

Bellotti, who fights against the hired workers and to give visibility to the struggles of the laborers, is coordinating sit-ins and flash mobs in all the main Italian cities under the slogan "Black Lives Matter" via the Instagram page 'Pomodori Rosso Sangue' black lives matter), a movement created in 2013 to protest the killings of African American people by the police.

American society "is imploding" because the abolition of "institutional" racial segregation was not followed by "a paradigm shift on a cultural and social level". This unresolved knot in American history is re-emerging today with all its strength, underlines Bellotti, according to whom "marginalized minorities have been fighting in the US to make their voices heard" for centuries.

"American society did not want to reform", while it would have needed "a structural change", says the activist who tells how the idea of ​​organizing sit-ins for Floyd was born also in Italy. "We were talking to Blu Yoshimi about what had happened in Minneapolis and we said to ourselves let's do something. It's fascinating to see how this message has reached so many people", continues Bellotti, who explains that he has received "many messages" from people who want make their voices heard to ask for justice for Floyd.

Thus was born the sit-in in front of the American embassy in Rome on May 29 which, announces the activist, will be repeated on June 4. From tomorrow to Saturday there will be numerous initiatives for Floyd throughout Italy: events have been organized in Turin, Milan, Bari, Foggia, Matera and Florence. "I just give practical advice," says Bellotti, who concludes with a judgment on the President of the United States, Donald Trump. "I find it hard to judge him because he is not a politician and should not have reached power. The fact that he did it gives the dimension of how American society is collapsing."