US President Donald Trump threatens to deploy military personnel to maintain order in US cities if mayors and governors fail to control violent protests.

Trump said this on Monday evening during a press conference in the garden in front of the White House while a few blocks away peaceful protestors were shot with rubber bullets and pelted with tear gas. "Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming presence of law enforcement until the violence is suppressed," Trump said. "If a city or state refuses to take the necessary measures to protect the lives and property of civilians, I will send the US military to quickly solve the problem for them."

Around the White House in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, reserve forces of the National Guard were deployed on Monday evening to keep order.
The military is also said to prepare active military forces, an anonymous army official told Reuters news agency. He adds that the decision to deploy active soldiers on the streets of American cities is in the hands of the President.

Autopsy Report: Kill George Floyd Is Murder

George Floyd was killed because blood could no longer flow to the brain because an agent had put his knee on his neck for minutes. The official pathologist concludes Monday after examination of Floyd's body that he was murdered.

Earlier in the day, an independent autopsy filed for by Floyd's family also revealed that Floyd was also killed by suffocation and that three officers contributed to his death.

Protests started after George Floyd's death

In the United States, protests have been made against police brutality for a week. Protests began in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week, after African-American George Floyd was killed in police violence.

Floyd was arrested in Minneapolis for an alleged minor offense, after which a white cop sat on his neck for nine minutes. The man made it clear several times that he could not breathe. He died on the spot.

The agent in question has been arrested. It is still unknown if the other agents seen in the video will also be prosecuted. The event is reminiscent of previous incidents in which black American detainees were killed due to police brutality

In recent days, protests have spread to many other American cities and other countries, such as Brazil and the United Kingdom. A state of emergency was declared in Atlanta on Saturday. Many cities have now enlisted the help of the National Guard and instituted a curfew.