A protest protesting the death of an unarmed black man in the United States ended. The situation is getting worse, with more than 4,000 arrested. In the meantime, President Trump called the protesters trash and raised controversy by saying he would mobilize the Federal Forces to stop the riots.

Correspondent Sohn Seok-min in Washington.


Protests against Mr. Floyd's death are spreading more and more harshly across the United States.

CNN broadcasts that over 4,000 people were arrested in the seven days after the protests began, with looting, violence, and arson every night in major cities.

Large marts, such as Wal-Mart, have been closed, and the curfew has been extended to more than 40 cities.

However, President Trump, who should lead the situation, ordered the violent protesters to be rubbish and subdued them by force at a phone call meeting with governors.

[Trump/President of the United States (phone voice): What happened in Minnesota has laughed around the world. Couldn't dominate the scene. Governor must subdue.] In a

separate statement, President Trump said he would mobilize all resources, including the Federal Army, to control violence and keep peace.

On the other hand, the dead Floyd's family went to the scene of the death and complained that violence would not solve the problem.

[Mr. Terrence/Mr. Floyd: They want us to destroy our stuff. That doesn't change. Let's do it another way.] The

autopsy commissioned by the Floyd family claimed that choking and excessive bleeding were signs of death, and that other police officers overpowering Mr. Floyd also killed Mr. Floyd.