A new phase of deconfinement begins Tuesday, June 2 in France. Restaurants, bars and cafes are reopening, as are parks and gardens throughout France. The restrictions remain more significant in the orange zones (Île-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte).

What changes in the daily life of the French with this new phase? France 24 takes stock.

  • Travel by car, taxi and planes

It is now possible to travel more than 100 km from home. It is thus allowed to take the plane or the train, provided you wear a mask (from 11 years).

Air travel between mainland France and overseas or Corsica, on the other hand, is limited to imperative family and professional reasons, until further notice.

Wearing a mask is also compulsory for taxis and VTC passengers, as well as in urban public transport, where rush hour travel can be restricted to home-work, school and medical trips.

  • Reopening of cafes, restaurants and hotels

Bars, cafes and restaurants can reopen on Tuesday in green areas, respecting certain rules: maximum ten people per table, minimum one meter between each group, seats only (even in bars), masks when traveling.

In the orange zones, only terraces and open spaces can reopen.

The hotels can reopen throughout the territory. Other tourist accommodation (holiday villages, campsites, collective inns) can only reopen in the green zone. Just like thermal establishments.


  • Parks and museums reopen

Parks and gardens, as well as forests, are open throughout France, as are beaches, lakes and nautical centers. The prefect can impose the wearing of a mask.

Museums, monuments and zoos can reopen, with the wearing of a mandatory mask.

However, different rules apply for certain activities between the green zones and the orange zones. The theaters can thus reopen in the green zones on June 2, with wearing of the compulsory mask, but not in the orange zones, where the reopening is fixed on June 22, date of the beginning of phase 3. Same calendar different for the rooms of parties and multipurpose rooms.

Casinos can reopen on Tuesday in the green zone, only for slot machines and with mask.

Leisure parks can also reopen in the green zone, wearing a mask is also compulsory there, but only on June 22 in the orange zones.

Across the country, summer camps will only be able to reopen on June 22, as will cinemas.

Discos and game rooms are still closed until further notice.

  • Indoor sports allowed in the green zone

In the green zone, gymnasiums and swimming pools can reopen on June 2. Sports halls also, with the wearing of a mandatory mask except during sports. Stadiums, arenas and racetracks can reopen but without an audience.

In the orange zone, all these places remain closed.

The practice of individual sports remains authorized. However, collective and contact sports are prohibited at least until phase 3.

  • School reopening continues

After a first stage on May 11, schools continue to reopen gradually. Primary schools, which had started to accept pupils, must all reopen at least part of the week, with a limit of 15 pupils per class.

The colleges which had started to open in the green zone will reopen for all classes. In the orange zone, sixth and fifth graders will be given priority. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

For high schools, the reopening will be gradual, but only in the green zone. Universities are not expected to reopen until September.

  • Easing of the conditions of confinement in Ehpad

The conditions of confinement in the Ehpad are again relaxed from Friday, with a widening of the possibilities of visit. Visits of more than two people outside the room are now allowed, visits of two people in a room under conditions, visits by minors (provided that they can wear a mask).

  • StopCovid app

The StopCovid application, which will warn people who have been in contact with someone infected with the new coronavirus, is now available.

The smartphone application, which works by Bluetooth and does not use geolocation, must alert its users if they have been less than a meter away and for at least fifteen minutes from a person infected with the coronavirus.

  • Meetings still limited

   Gatherings of more than ten people in public space are prohibited at least until June 21, and major events of more than 5,000 people until August 31.

 Wedding ceremonies are allowed.

  • Borders closed until June 15

Border restrictions within the European Union will remain in place until June 15. The Prime Minister said he was in favor of their reopening on this date "if the health situation allows, without fortnight for travelers from European countries".

For the external borders, the date should be later.

Reciprocity measures will also be applied to travelers from countries which set up quarantine systems for French people who go to their territories.

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