In the afternoon it is quite sunny in the south, while in the middle of the country the clouds are somewhat more abundant, especially inland. However, the weather is rainy. There will be showers in some places in Lapland, especially in western and northern Lapland. Thunderstorms can roll.

Daytime temperatures are also somewhat normal with the seasons in the south and east.

In the west and north, on the other hand, it is very warm in places and the heat reading is not off the ground. Even in Lapland, only the direction of Kilpisjärvi is clearly cooler than in other Lapland.

It is clear at night, but in some parts of Lapland it is still raining.

On Wednesday day, Lapland is crossed by a narrow area of ​​deaf rain. In much of the country, the weather is variable cloudy and sunny.

Daytime temperatures in the south and east are not much different from Tuesdays, whereas in the west and north it is no longer quite as warm. In the northern part of Lapland, the cooling is already clearly felt.

On Thursday, a rainy area will approach Finland from the southeast, which will spread to a large part of Eastern Finland by the evening at the latest. The day is still mostly rainy, although the clouds are already increasing extensively. In the northern part of Lapland, the weather becomes warmer with sunnier weather.

On Wednesday in the British Isles, the weather is already getting rainier with cooler weather. Gradually, the weather is also cooling in western continental Europe, all the way to Spain. In the East, the weather continues to be cool and largely unstable.