The Social Administration's annual report has previously focused on listing different volumes of efforts and lacked proper analyzes on how the social situation looks and why.

In order to increase knowledge about what kind of problems exist in the City of Stockholm, and if there are sufficient efforts to respond to this, the social services have now started to report the type of suspicion in the reports of concern.

Schools report the most

- What I hope this will lead to is that we can follow up much more on the efforts we then make to help these young people get the effect we want. We still have, strangely enough, no computer systems or statistical systems to follow up on how it really is for young people who become relevant in the social services, says Jan Jönsson (L).

The report also shows respondents and when it comes to reports of concern about honor issues, the school is the most common notifier, followed by others, which may be neighbors or relatives, police and social services.

- With the help of the new statistics we can see that we need to give more education to schools and more skills development to the social service. We may also need to inform the public more about how to see these signs so you can hear if you feel anxious about yourself or anyone else.