In an interview with TT last weekend, Thomas Lindén, head of knowledge management for health care at the National Board of Health, said that the death toll on special housing is not surprisingly much higher than during a regular flu season.

But SVT's survey shows a 30 per cent mortality rate in Sweden's elderly homes during the most intense corona weeks. And when we look at the National Board of Health's own figures for the same period, the death toll rises to 40 percent.

- We know that a severe pandemic has hit us and we know that we do not have any vaccine that we have in common flu epidemics. In view of this, one can still see that with the measures we have taken to a large extent we have succeeded in protecting the elderly. But that does not remove the fact that many people have died, and every death is, of course, a tragedy for those affected, Thomas Lindén tells SVT News.

Our Nordic neighbor countries do not see the same excess at all - hears Thomas Lindén about Sweden's lessons learned in the clip above.