The Hong Kong leader accuses the United States of dual moralism in connection with the riots that are rocking the country.

The United States has repeatedly criticized the repression of democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, but the United States has ignited large-scale riots over the past week, with police often resorting to force.

- In recent weeks, we have clearly seen what kind of dual morality is going on, said Hongrie's administrative director Carrie Lam.

- There are riots in the United States, and we have seen how local governments have reacted. And when there were similar riots in Hong Kong, we saw what they thought then.

The Chinese and Hong Kong leadership sees the U.S. riots as a good opportunity to justify the suppression of their own protests. There have been massive and often violent protests in Hong Kong since last year, with thousands of people detained by riot police.

Last week, the situation in Hong Kong came to the fore again when the Chinese People’s Congress passed a bill on Hong Kong’s National Security Law, which is seen as narrowing the autonomy of the Special Administrative Region.

U.S. President Donald Trump said last week that he would end Hong Kong’s favorable trade relationship with the United States in response to China’s decision. Lam said U.S. plans only hurt the U.S. itself.