China News, June 2nd, comprehensive report, real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States showed that as of 7:33 on June 2, Beijing time, there were more than 6.25 million confirmed cases in the new crown worldwide, and the cumulative deaths exceeded 37.5. Ten thousand cases. The WHO said there is no evidence that the effectiveness of the new coronavirus has diminished; the meeting between US infectious disease expert Fudge and President Trump has "slowly reduced"; the single-day diagnosis growth rate in Italy has been the lowest since the end of February; and many countries in Asia and Africa have promoted deblocking.

When the data map: WHO Director-General Tan Desai. Photo courtesy of China News Service

WHO: There is no evidence that the effectiveness of the new coronavirus is reduced

  On June 1, local time, experts and several scientists from the World Health Organization stated that there is no evidence that the effectiveness of the new coronavirus is diminishing. No matter how it spreads or the severity of the disease it causes, there is no significant change. Earlier, the director of San Rafael Hospital in Italy, Zangelo, once said that the lethality of the new coronavirus is much worse than before.

  On the same day, WHO released a survey report that according to data provided by 155 countries, new coronary pneumonia severely affects the health services of non-communicable diseases, and low-income countries are most affected. WHO Director-General Tan Desai said that while fighting new coronary pneumonia, countries should find innovative ways to ensure that basic services for non-communicable diseases can be sustained.

  Tan Desai also said that the United States announced the termination of relations with WHO. The world benefits from the strong cooperation and participation of the US government and the people, and they have made great contributions to the global health cause. In the future, "WHO hopes this cooperation can continue." .

Data graph: Fuch, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

Foch called meetings with Trump "dramatically reduced"

Brazil's epidemic situation has not reached an inflection point

  According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the cumulative number of new crown cases diagnosed in the United States has exceeded 1.8 million and the deaths exceeded 105,000. In New York State, where the epidemic is most severe, more than 371,000 new crowns have been diagnosed.

  Fuch, a top American infectious disease expert, said on the 1st that before that, the White House New Coronavirus Task Force would meet every day and meet with the president most of the time. However, in recent weeks, his meetings with Trump have been "dramatically reduced." When asked whether the president often discussed the work of the new crown vaccine with him, Fudge gave a negative answer.

  At the same time, Foch did not promise when to complete the vaccine research and development, but said there are many different candidate vaccines, and the overall situation is optimistic.

  In recent days, Brazil's epidemic situation has received widespread attention. Up to now, the country's new crown has been diagnosed with more than 510,000 cases. According to Brazilian media analysis, due to underreporting in some areas, the official data is lower than the actual number of infections, and the epidemic in 27 states and the Federal District is at different stages, making it more difficult to predict the inflection point of the epidemic.

  In response to the question of when the epidemic in Brazil will reach the inflection point, Adivardana, an expert at the São Paulo Emilio Ribas Hospital, said that only when the overall number stabilizes and shows a downward trend can we judge whether the national outbreak has passed the inflection point.

On June 1, the Italian capital, Rome, the Colosseum reopened. For epidemic prevention, visitors are required to wear masks, measure body temperature and disinfect their hands when entering the venue.

Italy's single-day diagnosis growth is the lowest since the end of February

Russia develops new intranasal drip vaccine

  According to data released by the Italian Civil Protection Department on the 1st, 178 new cases were diagnosed in the country that day, and a total of more than 233,000 cases were diagnosed. The newly confirmed cases in a single day are the lowest since February 27. At present, Italy is lifting the epidemic prevention restrictions in stages. From the 3rd, people will be able to travel freely across regions.

  At the same time, the German Federal Institute for Disease Control and Research Robert Koch Institute announced that the number of new infections in the country's new coronary pneumonia R0 value rose to 1.2. It is reported that the reason for the sharp rise in R0 value may be the outbreak in recent areas. Among them, 68 people were infected and more than 300 people were asked to be quarantined due to a cluster of infections in Göttingen, Lower Saxony.

  The director of Russia's "Vector" National Virology and Biotechnology Research Center Mark Shutov said on the 1st that the center has developed a new intranasal drip-type coronavirus vaccine on May 21. At the same time, the center selected the three most promising vaccines from the six vaccines developed for preparation for clinical trials at the end of June. As of now, the Russian new crown has been diagnosed with more than 410,000 cases and a total of 4885 deaths.

On May 30, the second day of the countdown to the "unblocking" of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the CBD Makati Green Belt business district was resurrected in an orderly manner, and people were accustomed to the new rules of "isolation" and "departure". China News Agency reporter Guan Xiangdong photo

Many countries in Asia and Africa promote "unblocking"

  Over the past few days, the new crown epidemic situation in many Asian countries has shown a positive trend. The epidemic prevention and control situation in Africa has also stabilized, and many countries have begun to advance the deblocking.

  Tokyo, Japan, officially entered the "second stage" of the recovery of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and entertainment facilities such as theaters and movie theaters and various commercial facilities such as department stores resumed business. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government stated that it will conduct an epidemic assessment in two-week units. If the epidemic situation is well maintained then it will enter the next stage as soon as possible.

  The capital of the Philippines, Manila, also began to unblock. Electricity, logistics, media, etc. have been fully opened, but the hairdressing and catering industry is in a "semi-open state", and gyms, movie theaters, etc. continue to close.

  Morocco decided to reopen multiple railway stations on the 1st, cafes and restaurants are allowed to open, but only take-out is allowed, and dine-in meals are prohibited; Zambia and South Africa graduate classes begin on the 1st; Benin reopens religious places and bars on the 2nd, public Traffic resumed.

  However, Kenya’s Nairobi and Mombasa are still implementing “closed city” measures. The Ministry of Health of Kenya stated that the largest number of diagnoses was in these two places, and they came out from these two places privately, "it is tantamount to spreading the virus." The Kenyan government will take disciplinary measures in this regard.