The much-anticipated PC hit shooter Valorant, which became a big topic of talk in the spring, was released today, June 2nd. The game was released in Europe in the morning at 8 Finnish time.

Valorant is a completely free first-person tactical shooter game for the PC that will be released in the near future. In Valorant, two teams of five compete against each other in a 24-round match. The peg age limit for the free game is 16 years.

With the release, a new agent (Mexican Reyna), a new map (Ascent) and a game mode (Spike Rush with matches lasting 8-12 minutes) were added to the game. The game now has 11 agents, four different maps, and three game modes (traditional match, Ranked race mode, and Spike Rush).

Ranked race mode is initially disabled. There is also no real Solo game mode in the game where all players would have started looking for a game without a friend. Now a person who goes to play alone can get a group of five people. According to Riot, there are no solo or duo game modes coming at least at the beginning, because according to the data, the winning percentages do not differ significantly from each other whether it is a solo player, a group of three guys or a full team.

Reyna is the newest hero in the game:

Valorant’s idea is familiar from CS: Attackers try to tune and detonate a bomb (called “spike” in the game), defenders try to prevent this. The round can also be won by eliminating the entire opposing team.

One match consists of 24 rounds. In the middle, the sides are changed. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. In the event of a tie, the overtime of one round will be played.

At the beginning of the game, a separate team of agents will be formed, of which there are currently eight, but more are promised. The character cannot be changed during the match. In addition to appearance, the characters differ from each other in character-specific abilities.

Each character has four different special abilities: One Free, Two Paid, and One Super Blow (Ultimate). Free capability is obtained for each round, Ultimate charges according to the kills. Paid abilities remain with the character for several rounds.

Special abilities work like CS grenades: They don’t have the main focus of gaming, but at the right moment and when used correctly, they support gaming. Abilities can only be used a certain amount per turn.

For example, Cypher Agent Ultimate reveals the locations of enemies, Sage is able to bring a teammate back to life, and Brimstone, in turn, can, with one of his abilities, place a smoke wall at a location of his choice on the map.

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Behind Valorant is player giant Riot Games, known for League of Legends. The game is expected to be a great racing hit.

Although the game is free, real money allows you to purchase game currency, which can be used to acquire alternative layouts for weapons or unlock characters for use faster. There is also a so-called battle passport in the game, which you can buy to get different tasks, which you can get to get different rewards.

So far, no console or mobile version of Valorant has been confirmed. The game is recommended to be played with a mouse and keyboard, but decent Driver Support will be added to the PC version soon.

The super-popular test phase of the game took place from April 7 to May 28. According to Riot, the game had nearly three million daily players at its best at the time. The test phase broke viewer records at Twitch.

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