Yesterday, the Houthi coup militias received painful strikes from the Arab coalition fighters to support legitimacy and the Yemeni forces, in response to the recent escalation by the militias, while confrontations continued on the fronts of the vicinity of Sana'a and Dali, while the joint Yemeni forces thwarted a Houthi attack from four axes towards the city of Hays in West Coast.

In the details, yesterday, the Arab Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy launched a series of air strikes on the locations, reinforcements, and missile launchers of the Houthi coup militias, which had never committed to a truce and a ceasefire.

The Arab coalition raids came in response to the Houthi escalation of drones and missiles, and the raids targeted Houthi sites in Sana'a, Marib, Al-Jawf, Saada, and Al-Bayda, which led to the destruction of missile launchers and weapons depots containing drones, as well as Houthi positions and reinforcements as they were moving in areas of contact with the Yemeni army.

The air defenses of the Arab alliance intercepted, the day before yesterday, two marches, launched by the Houthi militias towards Saudi territory.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted a spokesman for the coalition forces, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, as saying that, "The Joint Forces Command, intercepted and shot down, two drones, fired by the Houthi militia towards civilian objects in the city of Khamis Mushayt in southern Saudi Arabia."

Al-Maliki added that "these hostile and terrorist acts using drones are a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, and confirm the rejection of the ceasefire initiative and the escalation of the escalation announced by the coalition."

Meanwhile, field and local sources in Sanaa reported that coalition fighters had targeted, yesterday morning, Houthi reinforcements in the Asnaf area near the Asfan junction in the Khulan Al Tayyal district on the outskirts of Marib governorate.

The raids also targeted the Arqoub camp, which is controlled by the militias in Khulan, which led to the destruction of an armory and fortifications within the camp.

In Nahham, northeast of the capital, coalition fighters targeted Houthi reinforcements near Najd al-Ataq, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of Houthis, while field sources confirmed the death of Houthi leader Muhammad Abdullah al-Azzi and Houthi leader al-Karar Luqman with dozens of their elements.

The military operations of the army and tribes in the vicinity of the capital, Sanaa, continued for the fourth day in a row, with the great support of coalition fighters who launched, since Monday evening, more than 32 air strikes on Houthi positions in the vicinity of Sanaa and western Ma'rib.

In Saada, coalition fighters have targeted a series of raids Houthi positions and mechanisms in the provinces of Kataf, Baqim and Majz, which led to the destruction of military vehicles, killing one and wounding those on board.

On the other hand, the prominent Houthi leader, Hassan Abdullah Saleh Al-Shami, known as Abu Hisham, was killed along with dozens of militia members in the raids that targeted their reinforcements in the Asnaf area in the Asfan junction in the Juhana district of Khanolan, south of Sanaa.

In Al-Bayda, on Monday evening, coalition fighters destroyed a militia ballistic missile launcher at the Shaab Al-Yabis site in the Al-Daqiq area, between the Dune and Tafah districts.

Field sources said that the raids caused the death and injury of a number of Houthis, including a prominent leader and a supervisor of the missile launch in Dhul Nisim.

In Al Hudaydah, the joint forces broke down a large scale creeping carried out by militia elements from all four directions on their positions in the district of Hays, south of Al Hudaydah.

According to field military sources, the joint forces broke a Houthi attack from the south and east sides towards Wadi Dhami and the farms bordering on Hays, and from the north and west sides towards the Khokhah line, Wadi Nakhleh and Beit Bish.

Coalition joint forces shoot down two drones fired by the militia towards civilian objects in the city of Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.

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