I have read many archives o mapillista customer feedback, which received the bank's executives in the early 1990s.

They were about as hated as pedophile killer Jammu Siltavuori.

Miraculously, the banking crisis did not cause any economic policy manslaughter. Before the hanging, the explosion of the Bank of Finland, the Parliament House and the Presidential Palace must have been in the minds of one or another entrepreneur.

The bloodiest injustice was bank support, which did not result in moral compensation for taxpayers. Bad MFIs survived with the exception of the savings bank camp. Kalpaten visited more or less innocent customers.

In the financial hustle and bustle came corporate corpses, the pit of which cost the impossible.

In the bankruptcies of shops and workshops, the state did not get away with it, on the contrary, it had to support human victims with pigs. Why was the bank support not a condition for the kind treatment of debtors? Would a goddess of FIM 50 billion not have been enough to provide fairer and more employable alms for the SME sector?

Countless unsupported citizens did not believe that the banks were rescued because of Finland's international reputation and the internal circulation of the economy.

They were perhaps right.

Benching private MFIs at any cost was not a compulsion taught by history. And the future in Iceland, for example, has not proved that austerity in bank subsidies will lead people to famine and the Bronze Age of business.

Politicians had visible and invisible knocks on the banks. Yet they would have preferred to reach out to the housekeeper's industrial hall.

The bank support was due to the fact that the state knew nothing else. There was no army of business investigator officials to sift through the immense credit stocks of grains and husks to be revived and gutted. Banks were a bridge to problems, rotting and burning even better than nothing.

I thought this explanation I heard from financial veterans was lewd. In no other alternative would the money have been wasted on the wrong target in terms of legal sense.

Is it?

Unrealized history of joss. Once upon a time the 1990s National Institute of Salvation and the magic wall: from abroad for free endless grandmother's marks. To be distributed in icy hurry so that Kurki does not die before the swamp melts. Minister of Finance Viinanen bet on live TV: no company will fall into interest losses due to devaluation due to its foreign currency loans.

Would emergency aids have focused on honest bundles of guts and ascenders from the ashes of creative destruction? Or in a you-me draw for the hands of casino spiders, chips and incentives to replicate the madness of the 1980s?

If, in hindsight, I had to put together a 1990s rescue package, I would be as confused and scattered as my contemporaries. Maybe I'd burn a note bank in Senate Square to save even the fucking of the uninitiated.

The author is a historian.