(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Some British pupils return to school to resume classes

  China News Agency, London, June 1 (Zhao Xingyiping) The British government gradually relaxed the control measures for the "epidemic blockade". On June 1, the British elementary school students began to resume classes and returned to the campus after a long time.

  In accordance with the government's anti-epidemic requirements, the school classrooms have been newly adjusted. The desks are arranged in rows facing forward, instead of being crowded together around the large table; each student's desk is separated and has its own space for school supplies , Do not need to leave the seat often. There are many places for washing hands in the classroom, and the windows are open.

  On the first day of school, the return-to-school attendance rate varies from 40% to 70%. Geoff Barton, head of the Association of School and College Leaders, the largest teacher union in the UK, said, "'Cautiousness' comes first. Everything is determined by the safety of students and staff as an absolute priority."

  A survey by the British National Education Research Foundation shows that about 46% of parents still leave their children at home, and 25% of teachers may miss classes because of their own or family health. Button expects that as the new coronavirus epidemic further eases, the number of students returning to school will increase.

  On June 1, 1570 new coronavirus confirmed cases were added in a single day in the UK, with a total of 276332 confirmed cases, 111 new deaths in a single day, and a total of 39045 deaths. (Finish)