The alarm about the accident came just after half-past six. Witnesses must then have seen a pillar of smoke rising from the scene in a call to SOS Alarm.

- It was the callers who gave reports on this, which I understand they have seen the accident themselves, says Peder Liljeroth.

The Aviation and Maritime Rescue Center also received an alert about what was then described as a wrecked, but not located, aircraft.

- There must have been two people on board, according to the information I received from the Flight and Maritime Rescue Center, says Carl-Johan Linde, Press Manager at the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The airplane crashed between two residential areas, and then started to burn.

- We heard a deaf, loud bang as we sat and ate, says one of the residents in the area with whom SVT talked, and continues:

- Then I looked out the kitchen window and saw black smoke. It's a shock, the airplane could just as well have crashed in one of the houses here.

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