In this live blog we will keep you informed of the developments surrounding the corona virus at home and abroad.

Death toll Russia passes five thousand
Russia reports 182 new deaths on Tuesday. The vast country has reported more than a hundred deaths almost every day for more than a month, but still has far fewer deaths than other world powers such as the United States.

At least 423,000 people have been infected in the country. That number increased by 8,863 from the previous day.

Secondary schools open again
You almost forget in this busy time: many secondary schools today welcome their first pupils again, after they had to close to stop the coronavirus outbreak.

The chairs were actually allowed to be removed from the table yesterday, but students had one day off due to Pentecost. Not all pupils can be at school at the same time: school boards still expect to make a lot of use of distance learning. (Photo: ProShots)

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More than 375,000 people died
worldwide The number of deaths worldwide has passed 375,000 on Tuesday. Nearly three in ten patients died in the United States (105,000), while the United Kingdom (39,000) and Italy (33,500) also have relatively many deaths. Brazil, France and Spain are approaching 30,000 dead.

In addition, at least 6.2 million people have been infected worldwide. Both the death toll and the number of diagnosed corona patients is probably much higher than the official numbers, because in many countries not everyone can be tested.

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Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb: 'No demonstration with more than eighty people'
Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb wants to cancel the demonstration against racism and police brutality on Schouwburgplein in his city tomorrow, if more than eighty people are present. Currently, the organization would expect 150 protesters, the mayor says in conversation with  Radio Rijnmond .

And the square is simply not suitable for that, explains Aboutaleb. "It is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters."

Aboutaleb wants to prevent the scenes that took place in Amsterdam yesterday. In conversation with Mayor Femke Halsema, the organization had said that three hundred people would come, but that number was more than five thousand. Keeping distance proved impossible and the Amsterdam mayor refused to stop the action, which led to much criticism.

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The catering industry can expect crowds again on the second day of the reopening. Today the temperature is almost 30 degrees in the southeast, while elsewhere in the country it often becomes 27-28 degrees. The Security Council was satisfied with the first day: "There have been no signals that people have gone wrong."

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After corona outliers, mortgage growth flattens again in May.
 Although the mortgage market broke all records again in May, corona outliers such as in March and April are over. This is reported by Mortgage Data Network (HDN) on Tuesday, which registers about 82 percent of all mortgage offers in the Netherlands. 

"Where mortgage applications really went through the roof in March and April, with more than 85 percent higher than normal, we are now back in somewhat calmer waters. The market seems to be stabilizing at the level of the months before the corona crisis," said director Reinier van der Heijden.

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Prisoner visitation regulations are relaxed today
Prisons are starting to relax as of today. Visits and leave are "again possible on a small scale".

In three prisons, a trial has started involving visits behind plexiglass. "Juveniles and TBS detainees can receive visits and as part of their treatment on supervised leave. The other measures, such as controlling the influx and outflow of detainees, will remain in force," said the Custodial Institutions Service (DJI).

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Eleven new
corona deaths reported in Germany In Germany, eleven new deaths were reported this morning due to the corona virus. That is significantly less than last Tuesday's 45. In total, 8,522 people have died of COVID-19 in Germany.

The number of confirmed infections has also decreased. Today, 213 infections were counted, about half of last week's 432.

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Coronavirus death toll in Mexico over ten thousand Mexico is the seventh country in the world where the death toll from COVID-19 has risen above ten thousand victims. On Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that another 237 people have died, bringing the total to 10,167 deaths.

This brings the Central American country to the list of Spain (27,127), France (28,805), Brazil (29,314), Italy (33,475), the United Kingdom (39,127) and the United States (104,702). More than 374,000 people worldwide have now died from the effects of the corona virus.

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Tuesday Black Lives Matter demonstration in The Hague
Black Lives Matter Netherlands plans to hold more demonstrations. A protest was announced in The Hague on Tuesday 2 June, co-organized by the action group Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP). On Tuesday morning, the municipality will discuss the location in consultation with the organization. "Even with this demonstration, the RIVM guidelines remain the agreement," said a spokesman for the municipality of The Hague.

KOZP calls on participants to wear mouth masks and disposable gloves and to observe the one and a half meter rules. "If you have any symptoms then do NOT come", KOZP writes on the action page on Facebook. "Are you part of a high-risk group. Don't come. Live with people in the high-risk group. Don't come. Show your solidarity through social media, for example."

A demonstration is scheduled for Wednesday June 3 in Rotterdam.

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Grapperhaus: 'Images on Dam are painful to see'
Ferd Grapperhaus has also responded to the protest on Dam. "In this time when we as a society do everything we can to keep the coronavirus under control, this is really going beyond limits," Grapperhaus told NOS

The Minister of Justice and Security calls the demonstration right a fundamental right, but emphasizes that a distance of 1.5 meters must be kept. "These images are painful to see for all people who have adhered to the corona measures in recent weeks and who have worked hard in this crisis."

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Also from Amsterdam city council a lot of criticism of Halsema
Also from the Amsterdam city council there is a lot of criticism of mayor Halsema, after today Dam Square was full of five thousand protesters.

"Demonstrating is a fundamental right. But we are in the midst of a public health crisis and ask everyone to help and keep 1.5 meters away. Parks are evacuated and people are fined when there is too much pressure. Why measure with two measures?" party chairman Marianne Poot. 

Annabel Nanninga, chairman of the party for Forum for Democracy, thinks Halsema should step down. "Halsema's actions cannot be explained to all those Dutch people who do abide by the rules. Amsterdam deserves better leadership. That is why FVD will submit a motion of no confidence. Halsema must resign!"

Diederik Boomsma of the CDA has requested an emergency debate. "This cannot be explained to people who are in danger of going bankrupt and are still struggling to comply with the rules. Completely irresponsible," he says.

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Halsema: "I did not want to be cracked down"
Halsema goes on to say that it was difficult to intervene during the protest on Dam Square. "The demonstration suddenly swelled to enormous proportions. At that time it was no longer possible to intervene in a gentle way. We should have intervened hard and that during a demonstration against police violence and racism. I did not want that. "

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Halsema: 'Not expected that there would be so many protesters'
Mayor Femke Halsema says on the television program Op1 that she did not expect that so many people would protest on the Dam.

"If we could have predicted that this would be such a popular demonstration, we would have taken other measures. But it has been said repeatedly that no massive turnout was expected. The organization spoke about 250 to 300 people. This was adjusted this morning to a thousand. But there were many more. It overwhelmed me. "

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OV-NL: 'Satisfied with the first day with mouth masks'
Public Transport The Netherlands is satisfied with how the first day on which the mask was mandatory in public transport went.

"We always have to wait and see how everything goes. We look back with satisfaction on this day. A number of travelers had forgotten the mask. These travelers have neatly got off to purchase it. We hope that this line will continue", says Pedro Peters, chairman of OV-NL.

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The most important corona news of Monday 1 June: the


  • Quite a few corona measures were relaxed. For example, anyone with complaints can have themselves tested for the coronavirus, you can sit outside with as many people as you want at a distance of 1.5 meters and the normal public transport scheme started again, but travelers are required to wear a mask.
  • Catering establishments were also allowed to open their doors again at noon. According to the Security Council, it was 'pleasantly busy', but there were no excesses.
  • RIVM reports six new deaths from the coronavirus on Monday, slightly less than a week earlier. Nine people have also been admitted to hospital, which is higher than last week.
  • Another three mink companies in the Netherlands detected the corona virus. The virus was found in the companies during the mandatory screenings currently being conducted at all mink farms.


  • Spain reports no new deaths from the coronavirus for the first time in a long time on Monday, leaving the death toll at 27,127.
  • The United States has supplied two million doses of the controversial malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to Brazil. However, health organizations, including the WHO, have serious doubts about the safety of the drug.
  • The United Kingdom reported the lowest number of new corona deaths on Monday since the lockdown began on March 23. The death toll rose by 111 to 30,049.
  • In Australia, the corona measures have been relaxed even more today: more people are allowed to visit restaurants again. And public places, including zoos, museums and libraries, are allowed to open the doors again.

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