President Moon Moon G7 “I am willing to attend” Tell the US President June 2 10:31

According to the Korean Cheong Wa Dae, President Moon Jae-in welcomed the call to the US President Trump on the night of the night, and was welcomed by the invitation to the G7 Summit I told you I will attend.

He then emphasized that he would like to play a role both in responding to the new coronavirus and in the economy, and if the leaders of each country meet at the appropriate time, he said, " Will be."

In addition, President Trump asked Mr. Moon's thoughts regarding G7 as "an old system", while President Mun said, "G7 has a limit in responding to global problems and finding solutions. Inviting South Korea, Russia, etc. is an appropriate step."

However, the Korean media about the G7 Summit said that there are concerns that it will be required to put pressure on China, as it is said that it will discuss China, which continues to confront the United States.