It has been revealed to the Lapland police that non-existent tractors are for sale at the network's sales outlets.

The sellers have taken advantage of Lapland and the reputation of an honest merchant, which is often equated with it. Most of the tractors on sale are alleged to be located in Lapland.

The aim of fraudsters is to get the buyer to pay an advance or booking fee to the seller’s account, police suspect. A good salesman may be able to tell you very accurately about the tractor for sale.

When the buyer asks more specific questions, the seller ignores the questions, citing urgency and strives to get the buyer to make a quick purchase decision and prepay to his account.

After payment, it is revealed that the tractor does not exist and the dealer can no longer be contacted.

The police urge you to be vigilant and secure the store before payment, for example by checking the existence of the tractor and the right owner with a registration number.

You should also look for all available information about the seller, starting with his name and phone number and account number.