Illustration of a municipal police vehicle. - J. Diesnis / Maxele Presse Agency

Three young homeless people, including two minors, already well known to the police, were arrested at the end of last week in Villeurbanne. They are suspected of violence after two attempted pickpocketing, we learned this Tuesday from the Sûreté du Rhône.

The two adolescents with 36 and 16 criminal records refused to speak in police custody, but the adult reported them. According to the version he delivered to investigators, they attacked a first man on May 2 in the middle of confinement in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

Umbrella shots

The victim, in his sixties, struggled when he felt a hand in his pocket. An altercation ensued during which she was struck with an umbrella.

Two days later, the same scenario at the Hôtel de Ville metro station in Lyon. This time, it is a thirty-something who is taken to task by a thief "to the pick" that he had surprised busy in his pockets and by his two accomplices who began to beat him.

Questioned by the investigators, the major acknowledged his participation in the events while designating his minor accomplices as being a thief and co-perpetrator of the violence. He was left free to be taken back to the Lyon administrative detention center. The two miners were presented to the prosecution. The first was left free with opening of information and the second was imprisoned while waiting to be judged in immediate appearance on Tuesday.


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