China News Service, June 2nd, 2nd, the Ministry of Education held a press conference. At the meeting, Xu Xiaoping, director of the Department of Language and Language Application Management of the Ministry of Education, stated that there is no contradiction between the promotion of Mandarin and the use of heritage dialects.

  At the meeting, a reporter asked questions. In recent years, the archives department has set up a dialect file, hoping to pass on the dialect. How to deal with the promotion of Mandarin and the cultural inheritance of Chinese dialects?

  Xu Xiaoping responded that the promotion of Putonghua is a clear stipulation in the Constitution and the National General Language Law. In the promotion process, on the one hand, it emphasized that key areas such as state organs, schools, news media, and public service industries should use the national common language and characters, and enhance the awareness of the whole society to use the national common language and characters. On the other hand, it actively encourages the public to learn to use Mandarin in order to overcome communication difficulties, promote communication between different regions and different groups of people, and promote economic and social development.

  Xu Xiaoping added that it should be noted that the National General Languages ​​and Characters Law regulates the use of words in the public domain, and does not impose any restrictions on the use of language in the non-public domain by individuals. Dialects also have room, for example, when performing official duties, broadcasting, opera, film and television, and other art forms, publishing, teaching, etc., dialects can be used when dialects are indeed needed.

  Therefore, Xu Xiaoping also pointed out that the promotion of Mandarin and the use of heritage dialects are not contradictory. And the dialect carries the local culture, and it is also a concrete manifestation of our country's linguistic diversity, with its own development law and use value.

  Xu Xiaoping said that in 2015, the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission launched the Chinese Language Resources Protection Project, and carried out nationwide investigation, preservation, display, development, and utilization of language resources including dialects, and achieved positive progress and great progress. The great achievements have aroused the concern at home and abroad. Therefore, promoting the protection and inheritance of Mandarin and dialects is a very important task.