China News Service, June 2nd, Xu Xiaoping, director of the Department of Language and Language Application Management of the Ministry of Education, revealed that this year will increase the training of national language and spoken language for kindergarten teachers, and will organize the "three districts and three states" poverty-stricken areas in the near future The online demonstration training of key teachers of kindergarten teachers in Putonghua teaching has the ability to undertake the subsequent training of local teachers.

Data map: Ministry of Education. China News reporter Fu Yushe

  On the 2nd, the Ministry of Education held a press conference. At the meeting, a reporter asked questions about topics such as "work measures in the promotion and popularization of national common languages ​​this year" and other topics.

  In this regard, Xu Xiaoping pointed out that this year will seriously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and under the leadership of the Party group of the Ministry of Education, continue to actively and steadily advance this work. It mainly revolves around two levels: first, in the field of education, comprehensively strengthen national language education in schools at all levels; and second, at the social level, increase the promotion and popularization of national language. Focus on two key points: One is to focus on key areas, that is, ethnic areas and poor areas. The second is to focus on key groups, including three aspects.

  Xu Xiaoping introduced that the first focus is on minority teachers and rural teachers in ethnic areas and poverty-stricken areas. This year, the requirements for "strengthening national language training for teachers in ethnic areas" were clearly stated in the "National Training Program" issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. In April, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Training National Teachers’ Ability to Use Common Languages ​​and Languages ​​in Ethnic Minority Areas and Poor Areas”, requiring all localities to co-ordinate relevant central education transfer payment funds and their own financial resources to do a good job of teachers’ national common Language and language ability training.

  "I just mentioned that according to the situation of this year's epidemic, we have actively changed our thinking, innovated ways and methods, and organized 50 national language promotion bases, 52 of which are for poverty-stricken counties, to develop national languages ​​for minority teachers and rural teachers. The training to improve the writing ability is also an online form. This training is currently underway, and all aspects of the response are very good. Many participating teachers and students have reflected that this is not only a Mandarin training course for teachers in poor areas, but also for They take their own ideological and political courses and professional improvement courses. We will continue to increase the strength and scale of online training on the basis of summing up the experience and practices of the pre-training." Xu Xiaoping added.

  Xu Xiaoping pointed out that the second focus is on preschool children. To let children learn Mandarin, first of all, the Mandarin of the kindergarten teacher must reach the standard. This year, we will increase the training of kindergarten teachers in the national language and language. Recently, we will organize the online demonstration training of the Mandarin teaching ability of the key teachers in kindergartens in the "three districts and three states" poverty-stricken areas, so that they have the ability to undertake the training of local teachers. Localities will also increase the training of preschool teachers in Putonghua, in addition, will continue to enrich the resources of preschool children learning Mandarin.

  Xu Xiaoping said that the third focus is to focus on young and middle-aged labor and grassroots cadres. In addition to continuing to combine vocational education and skill training to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the young and middle-aged labor force in learning Mandarin, this year, it will continue to carry out social practice activities for college students to "push out poverty through poverty alleviation".

  "The past practical activities were mainly carried out in the summer. In fact, we made a plan early this year to prepare for four phases this year, that is, in the winter and summer vacations, May and October. In early January this year, we have organized 60 teams to go to Gansu After a week of practical activities, we will actively organize this activity according to the changes in the epidemic situation. We have also written a simpler and easier-to-learn "Mandarin Hundred Words and Sentences" pocket book for people who basically do not understand Mandarin. The poverty-stricken counties in Mao hat donated 200,000 copies. They are also preparing to carry out a series of activities of'small hand in hand, good mandarin'. We have roughly carried out these tasks, and we will make some individual adjustments in the process, but the work will continue to increase "" Xu Xiaoping said.