According to the official Weibo news of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on June 2, the Director of the Environmental Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Bai Qiuyong, pointed out on the 2nd that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment insisted on absolute "zero tolerance" for behaviors that interfere with the monitoring of the ecological environment. Together, investigate and punish together, report together, and never be palliative. In addition to giving administrative punishment according to law, if it constitutes a crime, it is resolutely transferred to the judicial organ to pursue criminal responsibility, and the warning deterrent effect is strengthened.

  On June 2, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a regular press conference in May to introduce the state of environmental quality and environmental monitoring in 2019.

  Bai Qiuyong said that in terms of the quality of the ecological environment monitoring data, in order to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the ecological environment monitoring data, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment mainly focuses on the two aspects of "fidelity" and "counterfeiting", and insists on both hands and hard hands.

  Grasp "fidelity" and be a "designer" and "engineer". "Designer" is to do a good job in designing laws and regulations and reforming systems and mechanisms. Actively promote the "Eco-Environmental Monitoring Regulations" to provide a legal basis for monitoring and punishing the fraudulent acts of monitoring data according to law. Complete the monitoring and control of the air and surface water quality monitoring of the State Control Network, and realize the "who assesses and monitors" and the direct transmission and reporting of the original data to ensure the "true" monitoring data from the management system and mechanism.

  "Engineer" is to improve the ecological environment monitoring quality management system. Improve the traceability system of the monitoring value of the ecological environment, for ozone, fine particles, etc., establish the highest measurement standard of the ecological environment system to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring data and the traceability of the instrument measurement. Promote the construction of three-level quality control systems for national, regional, and operation and maintenance institutions, monitor the entire process of ecological environment monitoring activities, and ensure that the monitoring data is "quasi" from the scientific and technological system.

  Second, we should pay attention to "fighting fakes" and insist on "strict investigation" and "emphasis". "Strict investigation" is to perform the functions of supervision and inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the "Three-year Action Plan for Eco-Environmental Monitoring and Quality Supervision and Inspection (2018-2020)", the Ministry of Eco-Environment has carried out supervision and inspection of eco-environmental monitoring agencies, sewage units, operation and maintenance units, etc. for two consecutive years.

  In 2019, the Ministry of Eco-Environment and the General Administration of Market Supervision conducted a “double random” supervision and inspection of 37 state-level eco-environment monitoring agencies. Among them, three were canceled qualification certifications, and one was ordered to rectify and rectify due to a false report. Fines were imposed, and 18 companies were ordered to rectify within a time limit due to problems such as not strictly implementing standards and regulations. This year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will continue to increase supervision and inspection efforts to further promote reforms through inspections and improve effectiveness.

  The "emphasis" is to perform the function of severely punishing and monitoring fraud. After the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Public Security hit the counterfeiting cases of monitoring data in Xi'an and Linfen, the phenomenon of fraudulent monitoring of ambient air was effectively curbed. However, the phenomenon of water quality monitoring interference and fraud has appeared. Recently, two serious cases of water quality monitoring interference and fraud occurred in Yueqing, Zhejiang, and Lujiang, Anhui. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has transferred it to the public security department for investigation.

  At present, the people involved in the two ecological governance companies in Yueqing, Wenzhou, have been arrested and the case is being heard. The relevant personnel of the Lujiang County Eco-Environmental Branch Bureau and the County River Leadership System collaborated with the relevant personnel of Bohui Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and they have colluded with the relevant personnel of the Bohui Detection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The investigation has been verified by the public security organs. Handle, report, and openly interview local governments.