The demonstration against racism in The Hague will take place on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. on the Malieveld, the municipality reports. Initially, the Koekamp was mentioned as a location, but according to the municipality, the one and a half meter measure could not be maintained.

In consultation with the organization of the anti-racism demonstration, the municipality has made the decision to change the location.

All demonstrators should be kept 1.5 meters apart. The limitation of a maximum of thirty participants will no longer apply from 1 June, the municipality reports.

Nevertheless, RIVM emphasizes that keeping the distance remains important. To achieve that distance in the best possible way, the largest possible location, the Malieveld, was chosen.

There are also signs with warnings to keep your distance, clear walking routes and one-way traffic.

"Should a situation arise structurally in which the distance comes into question, the organization is expected to take measures in the first instance. In the most extreme case, the demonstration will have to be ended by the organization itself," said the municipality.

Demonstration in Amsterdam much busier than expected

A demonstration against racism was also held on Dam Square in Amsterdam on Monday. More demonstrators came here than the announced number of 250 to 300. Ultimately, about five thousand people would have been present.

Due to the crowds, people were unable to adhere to the one and a half measures. Mayor Femke Halsema received a lot of criticism because she nevertheless allowed the demonstration to continue

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