Civil war in Libya More than 10,000 "Yo soldiers" from Syria "exploiting the poor" 9:13 on June 2


Over Libya in North Africa, where the country is split and fighting continues, human rights groups suffer from poverty in the protracted civil war, pointing out that more than 10,000 young people, including children, have been sent from Syria in the Middle East as soldiers. He severely accused the Syrians of being exploited.

In Libya, the country was divided after the collapse of the dictatorship,
and the interim government based in Tripoli, the capital of the west, and
military organizations in the east continued to fight fiercely, with neighboring countries supporting their respective forces. .

About this battle, the Syrian human rights group "Syrian Human Rights Observer" announced on the 1st that about 11,600 Syrian youths have been sent to Libya as troops.

The soldiers have been sent by Turkey, which is supporting Libyan's transitional government, which has already claimed 351 lives in Libya, of which 20 are children under the age of 18.

Syrian people are solicited for $2,000 a month (over 210,000 yen), and human rights groups say that it is an act to exploit those who suffer from poverty due to the long-standing civil war in Syria. It denounces it severely and calls on the international community to stop these actions.