Bride and groom after bride and groom have chosen to set or move their wedding ceremony in Lövånger south of Skellefteå. Possibly, a wedding in late summer can get rid of despite the corona restrictions. Priest Maria Ekstedt is waiting for the next few days.

- It feels unusual, because it is a joy topic in the summer to wed wedding brides, she says.

Even the bride and groom of the church camp in nearby Munkviken book off.

Lost income

The coastal community of Lövånger often attracts homebuyers and cottage owners to marry many guests and large parties.

A company that does not rarely book an entire weekend's accommodation and is invited to camp. Now that source of income disappears this summer.

- It will be a financial breakdown for the farm, which is mainly for the diocese's children and young people, says the priest Maria Ekstedt.

Increased interest in drop-in

A survey shows that it is booked well in other parts of Luleå pins as well. Among other things in Stensele, Vilhelmina and Umeå.

- Especially in Stensele, there are far fewer marriages than usual, but it is fun that there are some who want to get married anyway, says parish assistant Görel Klementsson.

- But there are unusual people who hear about our drop-in weddings in Umeå on midsummer evening, says Luleå Stift's communicator Alexandra Nyman.