Chairman Kim Jong-in of the Future Unification Party said on the 2nd, "Even if there are some unsatisfactory things, even if they are a little less than the past value, please do not be too fervent and cooperate."

Chairman Kim, who was the first to attend the UN General Assembly, said on the floor, bowed to the members and bowed, saying, "I'm begging you."

He said, "If you don't bring about destructive innovation, the future of the country is not bright." Please cooperate with each other so that the party can get on track and have a system for the next presidential election."

It is interpreted as being aware of the possibility of dissatisfaction and repulsion from the traditional supporters for pursuing a'progressive party rather than progress' without being constrained by the right-wing and conservative camps.

"I honestly have never thought I should do this," Kim said, making it clear that there is no personal political ambition in accepting the chairmanship.

He said, "I think it's my job if I think I'll finish the preparation process to properly serve the presidential election."

He said, "I understand that there are many different opinions by lawmakers. "I did not take this position for personal special purposes. I took this place because I think the future of the Republic of Korea will not be bright if politics does not achieve balanced development." Said.

100 of the 103 members of the United Nations party attended the Congress.

Rep. Jo Kyung-tae, Jang Je-won, who opposed the Jong-in Kim regime, was absent.

(Photo = Yonhap News)