China News Service, June 2 According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 2nd, a recent poll in Japan showed that nearly 60% of the respondents said they gained weight during the new crown epidemic. Experts warn that if you do not pay attention, weight gain is likely to develop lifestyle habits.

During the epidemic, due to the popularity of mobile office and the government's call to reduce unnecessary outings, the number of people going out on the streets of Japan decreased significantly. The picture shows the Shinagawa area of ​​Tokyo in April. There are few vehicles on the street and few people. China News Agency reporter Lu Shaowei

  According to reports, the organization of this survey is a health-related company. The subject of the survey is about 2,800 company employees. The content of the survey is the change in body weight and body fat rate over a certain period of time.

  The results showed that with May 16 as the deadline, compared with January, 57% of the respondents had increased body weight, and the proportion of respondents with increased body fat rate was as high as 60%.

  In terms of specific weight gain, 32% of people have increased by less than 1 kg, and 26% have exceeded 1 kg. Among them, there are even people whose weight has increased by nearly 10 kg.

  At the same time, during the epidemic, the number of daily walking steps of the Japanese people also decreased significantly. Among them, 79% of them did not reach the 8,000 steps recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

  Regarding this situation, Professor Kunopu of the University of Tsukuba, Japan, who studies health policy, also said, "Although mobile office is popularized, but if the lack of exercise continues, it may lead to lifestyle habits such as diabetes and hypertension. He also called on companies to actively manage the health of employees to avoid further damage to their bodies.