Focused deliberation such as "sustainable benefits" by Ritsuminin 14:35 on June 2nd

The Constitutional Democratic Party called for a centralized deliberation at the Budget Committee this week regarding "sustainable benefits" for measures against the new coronavirus. On the other hand, he expressed the idea that the Liberal Democratic Party is difficult due to its schedule, and that it is necessary to ask questions to the committee in charge first.

The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the Diet, Moriyama, and the Constitutional Democratic Party's chairman, the Azumi Diet, met in the Diet on the morning of the 2nd.

Among them, Mr. Azumi was in the budget committee this week to hear the government's explanation about the problem of the former Attorney General Kurokawa of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office and the consignment of the affairs of "sustaining benefit" for the new coronavirus countermeasures. I asked for intensive deliberation.

Mr. Moriyama, on the other hand, expressed the idea that it was difficult due to the schedule and that the committee in charge should ask questions first.

For this reason, Mr. Azumi said that the committee will not be able to hold the committee on the 4th and the 5th next day unless the ruling party will respond to the centralized deliberation of the budget committee, although questions will be asked at each committee on the 3rd, It will continue to be discussed.

LDP Kunio Moriyama vs. Chairman "There have been cases of subcontracting in the past"

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Moriyama's National Assembly Countermeasures Representative told reporters, "This week it was impossible to hold a budget committee, and the discussions over the intensive deliberation ended in a farewell. First, ask the committee in charge to finish the discussion. Is important."

Regarding the method of entrusting "sustainable benefit" affairs, "There have been many cases of re-entrusting in the past. In the sense of efficient administration, there should be such a method. I'm afraid you can do it."

Ritsumin An Sumi-kuni vs. Chairman "I have a lot to ask the Prime Minister"

The Constitutional Democratic Party's Chairman of the Azumi Diet Measures told reporters, ``I don't think it's preferable to put a confrontational color on the front when it is necessary to deal with the problem of the new coronavirus, but it is said There are many things I need to ask Prime Minister Abe, such as "Kim"."