If you want to get used to the same instruments that the President's orchestra and the Finnish Defense Forces' representative orchestra have played, you now have the opportunity to do so.

The Guard's band currently sells their decommissioned instruments on Huutokauppa.com. In particular, wind instruments such as Trumpets, Clarinets, Tubes and Saxophones are available.

“Later, a large number of different percussion instruments will also be on sale,” says superplayer Raine Kasper of the Guard Jaeger Regiment.

According to Kasper, there are no collectible rarities or historical valuables. There are those on the band, but they are not commercial, at least for now.

Musical instruments that are no longer suitable for the orchestra will be put up for sale. So most of the playing games are in need of refurbishment.

An online auction sounds nifty, but if you want to see the player before bidding, it’s a degree more complicated.

There are also several Clarinet Auctions on offer at the Guard Orchestra, including two Buffet Crambo Bb Clarinets.

Photo: Hans-Christian Sundqvist

The instruments for sale will only be on display for one day, June 16 in the Santahamina garrison area. Also, you can’t just go to the presentation to stop there, but attendance requires pre-registration by June 12th.

For anyone, the gates of the garrison will not open. Anyone entering the area must be a Finnish citizen and have an identity card.

According to Kasper, the orchestra's instruments have been traded in the past. The playing games are renewed every 2-5 years. The last auction was held two years ago at a military music event in Hamina Tattoo.

Although it is a question of used instruments, according to Kasper, prices have risen surprisingly high.

"At its best, the player has cost almost a thousand euros, if not more."

This is the first time the instruments will be sold at an online auction. While there is still plenty of time to bid, many players have already had time to shout.

So far, however, the Defense Forces' instrument sales have not caused a big rush to the demonstration.

“Surprisingly, only one potential buyer has signed up to watch the instruments for sale,” Kasper says.

The Guard's orchestra operates in Ruoholahti, but administratively it belongs to the Guard's Jaeger Regiment, which is stationed in Santahamimaa. The orchestra is familiar to the general public, for example, from making music at the Castle party.