Al-Ahly club announced a number of measures in response to the crisis that erupted in recent days with the head of the Saudi entertainment authority, Turki Al-Sheikh.

Al-Sheikh entered into a dispute during the past few days with Al-Ahly club member Mohamed Serageldin, and the two sides exchanged accusations via Facebook, in the latest tension between Al-Ahly and the Saudi official.

The club said in a statement today, Tuesday, after a meeting of the Board of Directors, that it decided to remove "the name of Mr. Turki Al-Sheikh from the honorary list of honorary heads of the club."

He also submitted a request to the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports in order to "obtain his approval to return all the gifts offered by Al Sheikh in kind and financial donations that entered the treasury of the club, after these donations and gifts in their financial and in kind value became property of the club and it is not permissible to dispose of them except with the approval of the competent authority."

The statement pointed out that the council accepted Muhammad Sirajuddin’s apology for violating the established rules that prevent members of the council and workers in the executive management and technical and administrative bodies from taking up club news and files related to its affairs on social networking sites.

🚨 | The club’s board of directors, headed by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib “5”, adopted decisions unanimously at its meeting today to place the points above the letters and resolve the controversy on many matters, and the council listed them in an official statement.

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- Al-Ahly Club 🏡 (@AlAhly) June 2, 2020

The management of Al-Ahly club has been criticized by the fans of the club during the past few days because of its silence towards Al-Sheikh publications, and the fans have demanded through the media that the administration take a stand on this crisis.

Al-Ahly’s statement today confirmed that it “committed itself to the highest levels of restraint and far exceeded the response” to Turki Al-Sheikh for political considerations and the nature of the relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but decided to respond through the procedures referred to, “to preserve the club’s value and status, and to expose false accusations” ".

Al-Sheikh did not delay the response, and said in a post on Facebook that the Al-Ahly administration had finally accepted his resignation from the club’s honorary presidency.