On Sunday, three families who had fled the al-Hol refugee camp, three adult Finnish women and 9 children arrived in Finland. Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) highlighted the families' trip from al-Hol to Finland in Yle's A-studio.

- We have learned at various stages that Finns have left the camp elsewhere in Syria with their own advice, he said.

- The first information about them has apparently already come in February to our special representative from relatives or from themselves.

The following information was received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April and May.

- We have tried to communicate to them that leaving the camp on the Turkish side can be very dangerous through war zones, but it has been their own will, Haavisto said.

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According to Haavisto, some families have been traveling for months.

According to Haavisto, families came to the Turkish border from three different points, each family on a different route. Finland had provided the Turkish authorities with their personal data.

According to Haavisto, the Turkish authorities had been informed that if such people came to the border, they could be allowed to come.

- Finland announced that normal consular activities make them travel documents and they can cross the border, Haavisto said.

The result of some Finns was known at the time of arrival.

According to Haavisto, the families have reached Ankara from the border in different ways. There have been Turkish authorities at the border, but some families have also been met by Finns.

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The Finnish Special Representative has not been present. Haavisto referred to the practical activities of the staff of the Ankara embassy.

In Turkey, Finns have helped families to the airport, after which they have flown to Finland via a stopover on their own. According to Haavisto, only in Finland have the Finnish authorities met.

Turkey has required Finnish families to leave the country quickly.

According to Haavisto, the Finnish authorities have nothing to do with helping the Finns out of the al-Hol camp.

Haavisto was asked why he replied to Ilta-Sanomat on Friday that the local authorities would not allow adults or children to leave.

- I emphasized that those in the camp could not be helped. Then when there are blond children chasing outside the camp who are being chased by different authorities, the situation is quite life-threatening, so I can’t say anything about these, he said.

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Haavisto does not believe that the Kurdish authorities have nothing to do with leaving the camp.

According to Haavisto, the trip has been disappointing for many women, Haavisto estimates.