Grandmother posted photos of her grandchildren on Facebook without parental permission and now has to remove them by court order. Otherwise, he faces a daily fine of € 50 and a total fine of up to € 1,000, the BBC says. If he publishes more pictures of the children in the future, the result will be an additional fine of 50 euros per day.

What makes the case special is that the grandmother was found to have violated the European Union's general data protection regulation, the gdpr, which generally applies to companies and organizations. According to the law, the regulation was also valid in this case because the publication of the images on social media made them available to a larger audience. As a result, it cannot be ruled out that the images could not be shared and ended up with third parties.

In particular, the publication of images of children on social media can be considered a questionable activity. The threat is to take pictures out of context or even edit them so that they can be turned into child pornography. This has really happened.

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The children’s mother, who is also the grandmother’s daughter, had asked for the pictures to be removed several times and eventually took the matter to court.

In Finland, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has reminded that children have the right to privacy under the Finnish Personal Data Act, and a child's picture should not be published without his or her permission.