According to official data, the epidemic has been in a relatively stable state in France since it was unsealed on May 11. There were no very obvious fluctuations. The growth rate of the number of diagnosed patients is also declining slowly, while the number of cured patients continues to increase. According to the latest official assessment, most areas in the whole of France are classified as green areas with low epidemic spread. The French territories overseas territories Mayotte and Guyana are currently in the Yellow Zone.

  French Prime Minister Philip announced the details of the plan to unblock the second phase of the plan on May 28. From June 2, French domestic free travel will remove the 100-kilometer travel restriction; you must wear a mask when taking the bus, and you will be fined 135 euros for taking the bus without wearing a mask; all Regional restaurants and bars can be reopened from June 2 onwards. According to regulations, each table must not exceed 10 people; a 1-meter safety distance must be maintained between each guest. But the "orange area" including the Paris region. Only open-air deck service is provided, and indoor dining is prohibited.

  Spring Department Store on Paris’s Ottoman Boulevard opened its doors on May 28 to welcome guests. The "Lafayette" next door resumed business on May 30. Nightclubs and movie theaters will be closed until June 22. From this weekend, the parkland in the orange area of ​​Paris will open. After June 15th, France will open its border to the EU without entering the country.

  (Editor Li Jiali video source: European Times)

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