China News Service, June 2 (Xinhua) According to a report from Fuji Television in Japan, on June 1, operators of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Paradise in Tokyo announced that they will continue to postpone the opening of these two parks.

Data map: Tokyo Disneyland after the temporary closure of the new crown epidemic at the end of February.

  According to reports, the statement said that although the Japanese government has lifted the state of emergency throughout the territory, the closure of the park will continue. The park will gradually cancel the suspension requirements at all levels of government, and will discuss the opening time after preparing for business .

  According to reports, although Chiba Prefecture, where Disneyland is located, has lifted the closure of the theme park, the call for "don't cross-county activities" in the Kanto region is continuing. Report analysis said that Tokyo Disneyland may have considered this And decided to extend the closing time.

  In order to prevent the spread of the new crown epidemic, Tokyo Disneyland will be temporarily closed from February 29th, when it was planned to continue until March 15.

  On March 11, in order to cooperate with the Japanese government's anti-epidemic policy, Tokyo Disneyland extended the closing time for the first time to early April; on March 27, the park was extended again after April 20; on April 9, The park extended its closing time for the third time to mid-May; on May 8th, the park extended the closing time for the fourth time. It is understood that this is the fifth time the Tokyo Disneyland has extended its closing time since the temporary closure.