European vacation This summer, mainly in the "domestic" and "nearby" areas, the effects of the new corona 9:39 on June 2

The tourism industry has been hit hard by the effects of the new coronavirus, but there are movements in Europe and other countries to reopen tourism facilities for the summer vacation season. On the other hand, among tourists, there is a strong tendency to avoid overseas travel in order to reduce the risk of infection, and it is expected that tourism this summer will be centered on the domestic and nearby areas.

Tourism is one of Europe's main industries, and according to the United Nations, in 2017, the number of tourists who visited the EU = European Union from outside the region reached 538 million.

The tourism industry has been hit hard by the new coronavirus, but European countries have announced a policy of accepting tourists again since last month, saying that the peak of infection has passed, allowing the hotel to resume business, We are also aiming for the full opening of national borders.

On the other hand, according to a survey conducted by a travel agency in the United States to customers around the world,
46% of the respondents who said that they were “scary” about overseas travel were “not scared” while the new coronavirus infection was not over. "In comparison with
domestic travel, 33% were "scary" and 45% were "not afraid" regarding domestic travel, indicating that sightseeing in nearby areas is more secure.

For this reason, major European travel reservation websites have begun campaigns focusing on domestic travel, assuming that tourism this summer will be centered in Japan and nearby areas.

In order to rebuild the tourism industry, it is important to take measures against infections and how far it can stimulate the demand of tourists.