Los Angeles (dpa) - The new multiplayer shooter Valorant has been released with a new agent, a new map and the game mode "Spike Rush". As developers Riot Games announced, the servers should be online from 7 a.m.

As at the beginning of the beta, the competitive mode of the game is deactivated at the start. First you want to make sure that the game runs safely. In addition, participants of the beta phase should not be overreached. Ranking games should be possible again after a few patches.

Reyna is added as a new playable character. The agent is designed to achieve many eliminations in order to gain further benefits. If the player does not succeed, Reyna does not bring much to the group.

The new mode called "Spike Rush" is supposed to be a faster alternative to the main game mode, the games of which can last an hour. The "Ascent" card added is intended to remind of Venice and has a comparatively open area in the middle. The new card should initially appear more frequently in the rotation of the first few days.

At the start there are also various changes, including some characters. Among other things, the capabilities of support agent Sage were further weakened. A total of five agents are affected by changes. Some bugs have also been fixed and quality of life improvements have been added.

Valorant is already being traded as a new e-sports discipline. There were several tournaments during the beta period and several organizations hired teams. For the launch, Riot is hosting a global tournament in cooperation with the streaming platform Twitch, in which streamers are fighting for a total prize money of $ 200,000.

The new game from League of Legends developer Riot Games is based on mechanics from various shooters. It combines the tactical and goal-oriented way of playing Counter-Strike with hero skills, as known from Overwatch or Rainbow Six.

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