DRC: Ebola virus kills four in Equateur province

A scene from everyday life in Mbandaka (baskets for transporting domestic wood), in Equateur province, DR Congo. Photo MONUSCO / Myriam Asmani

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The Ebola virus is back in the northwest of the country. Four people have died, announced Minister of Health Eteni Longondo. This new epidemic is added to the one already present in eastern DRC.


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Ebola had disappeared from the area since July 2018. It is the eleventh epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1976. This time, it declared on Monday, June 1 in the northwest of the country in the city from Mbandaka, the capital of the province of Equateur. Four people have died and four other cases are suspected,  " said Eteni Longondo. All these people were in contact and lived in the same neighborhood,  " said the Minister of Health.

It is not the first epidemic in the province. Between May and July 2018, thirty-three residents died before the disease was eradicated from the area.

Today, the province of Equateur is not the only one affected by Ebola. At the other end of the country, in the east, mainly in North Kivu, the tenth Ebola epidemic is still ongoing. 2280 people have died since August 2018. On April 12, Congolese authorities and the World Health Organization were preparing to declare the end of the epidemic in the DRC, before the disease resurfaced in the city of Beni. .

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