Very few schools so far closed should reopen Tuesday, for phase 2 of the deconfinement. These establishments suffer from an insufficient number of teachers and directors.

While 40,000 schools have managed to open since deconfinement, how can we justify the fact that 9,000 establishments are still closed in 10% of municipalities, according to figures from the Ministry of National Education? Tuesday morning, date of the beginning of phase 2 of the deconfinement, almost no additional school will reopen in France.

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To find an explanation, it is possible to evacuate the problems of the premises, which are quite rare. Rather, we have to look for the fear that persists in some mayors, especially small municipalities. Some are not very experienced in applying "panic" health protocols for them, according to a prefect contacted by Europe 1.

"Ill will"

There is also the lack of staff, even if a shortage of municipal officials does not justify a school closure, said a representative of parents of students. On the other hand, the insufficient number of teachers or school directors is more problematic. "We have two schools out of nine that are not open, including one of six classes, and the other of fourteen classes," says Myriam Menez, representative of parents of students of Peep in the town of Perreux, in the Val -de-Marne.


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"In both cases, we are told that it is because there is no school principal," continues the school representative. "I understand that there is ill will, since normally any teacher could play the role of school principal for one day and receive the students for the other three days." This is particularly the case in small schools.

There are still very large disparities between the regions. The most striking example concerns Corsica, with almost 80% of schools closed, while Brittany displays 100% of schools open in the majority of its four departments.