China News Service, June 2 (Xinhua)-According to foreign media reports, a multinational team of astronomers led by Australians has recently discovered a rare ring galaxy that was previously unknown. This discovery may change people's understanding of how early galaxies formed, and is of great significance.

  According to "Natural Astronomy", this "collision ring galaxy" named R5519 is 10.8 billion light-years away. It is the first ring galaxy formed by collision in the early universe discovered so far.

  "This is a very strange object that we have never seen before," said lead researcher Dr. Yuan. "It looks strange and familiar."

Source: An animated video by the celestial animator James Joseph Des about a ring galaxy.

  According to reports, this huge galaxy with a large hole in the middle is a super rare galaxy-"Collision Ring Galaxy", which may shake theories about how the earliest galaxies formed and evolved after the Big Bang.

  Dr. Yuan said, "It produces stars 50 times faster than the Milky Way". "Most of the activity occurs on its ring, so it is indeed a ring of fire."

  In addition, R5519 is the first known "collision ring galaxy" discovered in the early universe. It is likely the result of a violent collision with other galaxies. This discovery has important implications for understanding how spiral galaxies like our Milky Way are formed.