Berlin (dpa) - In the corona crisis, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is examining options for stronger support for top-class sport. "Information is currently being collected," said a spokesman for the German Press Agency in Berlin.

"The Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home, is aware of the difficult situation in which sports clubs and associations are located." In addition to visible damage, there is also a lack of planning security.

The existing aid programs of the federal government could be considered for professional teams organized as commercial companies, the Interior Ministry said. The Ministry of Economic Affairs also referred to the aid programs of the Promotional Bank for Reconstruction (KfW).

The spokesman for the Interior Ministry said whether there is any need for additional support. "The inclusion of certain areas of sport in further aid packages of the federal government, which may still have to be decided, would be politically welcomed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for example to preserve the Olympic individual and team sports in the area of ​​the 1st and 2nd nationwide organized leagues" - but with the exception of the 1st and men's 2nd soccer league.

The Ministry of Interior believes that the support should be limited in time and subject to clear conditions. Help is conceivable, for example, if the authorities hardly or not at all admit spectators to games and competitions and thus there will be no entry fees in the coming season.

In a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Bundestag member Frank Steffel (CDU) had previously asked for financial support from the federal government for professional top leagues in handball, basketball, volleyball or ice hockey. Bankruptcies were imminent.