Eberswalde (dpa / tmn) - Into the plane and off to a mass hotel with hundreds of rooms and the much-vaunted battle at the buffet? Many holidaymakers should not want to get involved with this in view of Corona this summer.

The tourism researcher Prof. Claudia Brözel assumes that more people will choose self-sufficient holiday forms this year - i.e. campers, holiday homes and holiday apartments. A little house in the middle of nowhere, that sounds pretty ideal. But travelers should carefully consider whether this type of vacation is actually something for them.

Safe arrival and few contacts

"Holiday home vacation is a classic holiday of your own," says Torge Petersen, managing director of the organizer Wolters Reisen. Most guests come in their own car - and unlike on a plane or on the train, they don't spend time with strangers in a confined space.

The German Vacation Home Association (DFV) explains: Vacation in your own country is currently very popular. The shorter journey, good medical care and the familiar environment created a higher feeling of security, says DFV branch manager Michelle Schwefel. You are not at greater risk in the apartment than at home and you can get supplies in the supermarket.

A lot of freedom of movement on site

However, mouth and nose protection cannot stay at home. In order to protect the health of vacationers and employees, the tourism industry has developed hygiene concepts. In many holiday homes, keys can be handed over without personal contact. Or there is a reoccupation period between the stays of the guests.

The country-specific regulations determine what happens locally when it comes to leisure activities. "It is best to keep in close contact with the holiday home owner," Schwefel recommends.

Restrictions cannot be avoided due to the corona pandemic. Apart from that, a holiday home vacation, according to Torge Petersen, offers “maximum freedom and freedom of design”. The vacationers are undisturbed in their privacy and do not have to adhere to predetermined meal times. "Families in particular get their money's worth here, as children can move freely."

Relaxation without service?

But there are also disadvantages. For families who have already spent a lot of time in confined spaces during the contact restrictions and because of home office, holiday home vacation may not sound very tempting: everyone in the same house again, cooking for themselves again. Of course, travelers cannot expect all-round service in the holiday apartment.

So that the holiday brings the longed-for relaxation and does not become a stress trap, you should consider in advance which requirements you have. The travel constellation plays a major role in this. So it is not only necessary to have special planning when there are children or people at risk - larger travel groups must also pay attention to local regulations, such as how many people can visit a restaurant or a sight together.

Discover unknown regions in your own country

The choice of location is also crucial: those who enjoy hiking are best off traveling to the Eifel, the Harz or the Allgäu. Water sports fans are drawn to the North and Baltic Seas, and Wolters recommends trips to the Moselle for cyclists and wine lovers. Some regions that have so far been less developed by tourism have also upgraded.

Some accommodations, campers and campsites in Germany are likely to be booked up quickly because the demand is high: "Many holidaymakers are already in the starting blocks," says Prof. Brözel.