Command and decision-making, information attack and defense, and strike assessment... The Navy conducts cross-regional maneuvering exercises in a complex electromagnetic environment

  Recently, a certain Navy department focused on real combat, carried out command and decision-making, information offensive and defensive, attack assessment and other combat-oriented emergency maneuver exercises to improve the overall combat capability of the troops in a complex electromagnetic environment.

  At 9 am, the participating officers and soldiers quickly entered combat preparations. A fleet of radar and electronic countermeasures and other equipment quickly maneuvered into the combat area. At the same time, the command post conducts research and judgment on the air and sea situation in front of it, and formulates the operational determination.

  After arriving in the battle area, officers and men quickly grasped the surrounding electromagnetic situation, reconnaissance and identification of threat signals. The networked radar continuously tracks sea and air targets, and the countermeasure equipment releases interference and suppresses the simulated ship group.

  Wang Guosong, Chief of Staff of a certain naval station: In this training, we used the information attack and defense and fire attack on surface ships as the operational scenario, and realistically designed the confrontation plot. The purpose is to improve our command coordination and overall combat capabilities.

  With the continuous increase of electromagnetic interference, the simulated warship group replaced the communication channel and adopted anti-interference measures to form a confrontational situation. In the face of a strong counterattack, the information counter formation strengthened signal reconnaissance, increased interference power, and adjusted interference patterns in a timely manner to effectively block communication links and suppress radar detection range.

  In order to increase the intensity of the confrontation, the pilot team issued a pilot command on the occasion. In the face of emergencies, the rescue team immediately rescued the injured, the rescue team carried out emergency equipment repairs, and at the same time activated spare equipment, once again forming an electromagnetic suppression of the simulated ship group, covering the fire attack group to launch a missile assault.

  Ding Haijun, director of a certain naval station: We have adopted a variety of guidance methods to simultaneously carry out a series of training courses such as command post attacks, casualties at positions, and political work in wartime. It is difficult to organize training strictly, and to comprehensively temper the combat capability of the troops under actual combat conditions.