With overseas tourism on the ice due to the corona pandemic, and not necessarily recommended, domestic tourism will rise in popularity this summer. It creates its own new challenges for cottage renters all over Finland.

Sari Hyvärinen, chairman of the Finnish Cottage Renters, reminds that the tenant should not go to the cottage if he is in pain. And if it becomes sore during a cottage holiday, it should be reported to the landlord as well as to the health care in the area.

- Shouldn't travel sore, Hyvärinen underlines.

- In addition to safety instructions, it would also be important for the cottage to have up-to-date information on the nearby health centers that it can contact if it falls ill, Hyvärinen says.

And if the landlord gets sick, he, too, should develop a contingency plan to receive the cottagers. In any case, the tenant and tenant should avoid physical interaction whenever possible when, for example, a lease is drawn up or the rent is paid.

Hyvärinen also emphasizes that it is the landlord's responsibility to take care of the safe final cleaning of the cottage.

- It is recommended that landlords, owners and guardians clean the cottages themselves in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities. It is important to wipe all essential contact surfaces, such as door handles and light switches.

- The landlord is unable to ensure that guests clean with sufficient accuracy. And if the guests are cleaning, you should check the cleaning yourself anyway, Hyvärinen says.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy also reminds in its instructions that the cottage tenant is responsible for the health and safety of the service he or she arranges. According to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the tenant must be responsible for the final cleaning of the cottage between the customers. The renter must also display a written cleaning plan in the cottage.

Although the recommendation is for the landlord to clean the cottage, according to Hyvärinen, it would still be important for the holidaymaker to leave the cottage in the condition it was when it came. This means, among other things, that the furniture is in place and the rubbish is taken away.

- Guests must put their furniture and utensils in their place. The cottage should look the same as when you get there, Hyvärinen says.

- Guests should not leave a mess, but their own mess should be cleaned up, Hyvärinen says.