International athletics humor will be received from Norway next week when the Impossible Games event is held on 11 June at the Oslo Bislet.

Among Finnish athletes, the invitation went to fast-paced star stars Annimari Kortte and Nooralotta Nezir. The duo is rarely seen on the raceed 200-meter fences alongside the Norwegian Isabelle Pedersen and Line Kloster.

With strict coronavirus measures in Norway, the country has virtually closed its borders and, according to the latest information, a 10-day quarantine has been imposed on those entering the country.

After receiving the invitation, Korte commented to IS that he would not agree to travel to Oslo if he demanded a stopover in Sweden, which was in a precarious corona situation.

Steinar Hoen, the event's promoter, firmly believed at the time that the Norwegian government would open a travel corridor for Finns, which would allow flights and travel without quarantine procedures or special arrangements.

- I do not want to travel to Sweden because of the country's corona situation. I see it as too great a risk for myself and others. Being able to fly directly to Oslo is a condition of my participation, Korte noted last week.

Now Korte says he has received flights to Oslo confirmed. He posted about it on Monday on his Instagram account in the stories section.

Korte has said that the upcoming 200-meter distance will be challenging for the athlete, as he has not raced on a rarely seen distance. Korte, who moved to Helsinki, has continued his training season at the Helsinki Zoo field.

Reached by IS, Neziri said last week he had organized his own trip with intermediate connections and carefully planned transitions.

- According to current information, first from Jyväskylä to Helsinki, from where the flight is apparently via Stockholm to Gothenburg. And then from Sweden by bus directly to the stadium, where warm-up, competition, to the bus and back to the Swedish side, Neziri said.

Korte and Neziri compete in a Bislet against two Norwegian runners. Picture of Turku from last summer.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Impossible Games are held in empty auditoriums. At the same time, in a normal world situation, the Timattiga League competition would take place.

The bisette is still meant to see a bunch of well-known athletes: disc jockey Daniel Ståhl, Ingebrigtsen’s running brothers, as well as stick stars Armand Duplantis and Renaud Lavillenie, are on the list.

In addition, the special guest of the Norwegian cross-country skiing superstar Therese Johaug, who will start the 10,000-meter trip alone, will also be a special guest.