China News Service, June 2 (Xinhua) - According to US Fox News, American forensic pathologist Michael Baden and another doctor conducted an independent autopsy on the African-American man Freud, who was violently enforced by the police. On the 1st local time, Baden said that Freud had died "for a few minutes" before being taken to a hospital in Minneapolis.

  According to reports, Baden told Fox News that the medical staff “tryed to give Floyd CPR in an ambulance, but found that there was no pulse.” “He had a cardiac arrest and they tried to shock him, but It didn't work," Baden said. "He was dead before being carried on a stretcher... a few minutes before he was taken to the hospital."

On May 24, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States, African-American George Freud was killed due to alleged misconduct by police during law enforcement. This incident triggered a wave of demonstrations across the United States. In New York City, the protests have lasted 5 days. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

  On June 1, Freud's family released an independent autopsy report, showing that Freud's neck and back were severely suffocated and died. The representative of Freud’s family, Ben Krump, also said that Freud died at the law enforcement site. Freud had no fatal health problems. He died of "deliberate murder" by the police.

  On the same day, an autopsy report issued by the Hennepin County Forensic Office in Minnesota stated that Freud died of homicide. The deceased died of suffocation due to the arrest, restraint and oppression of the law enforcement personnel in the neck, which caused cardiopulmonary arrest. The report stated that Freud suffered from "arteriosclerosis and hypertensive heart disease." The report concluded that the deceased had signs of fentanyl poisoning and recent methamphetamine.

  During his lifetime, Freud was arrested by the police on suspicion of using $20 counterfeit currency. During the arrest, a police officer knelt on Freud's neck for several minutes. Freud's cry and help were ignored. Freud fell into a coma on the spot and was pronounced dead after being sent to hospital.