China News Agency, Houston, June 1st-On June 1, the family of the American African-American man George Freud released an independent autopsy report: Freud was severely suffocated due to heavy pressure on his neck and back. On the same day, an autopsy report issued by the Hennepin County Forensic Office in Minnesota stated that Freud died of homicide.

  According to Fox News, representatives of Floyd's family, Ben Krump and forensic pathologists, held a press conference in Minneapolis, USA on the same day, and announced the results of the independent autopsy report. Crump said at the press conference that it now appears that Freud died at the law enforcement site. Freud had no fatal health problems. He died when the policeman deliberately murdered.

  Because the family of the deceased did not trust the local government to give a fair autopsy result, the family entrusted American forensic pathologists Michael Baden and Alika Wilson to perform this independent autopsy. The autopsy showed that Freud's neck and back were heavily suffocated and died.

  African American Freud was arrested by the police on suspicion of using $20 counterfeit currency. Passersby recorded police law enforcement footage: 44-year-old former Minneapolis City policeman Derek Showan kneeled on Freud’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, during which he ignored Freud’s cry And call for help. Freud fell into a coma on the spot. He was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

  Klimp called on law enforcement officers to arrest four police officers involved, and sued Xiao Wan, who was kneeling down on an African-American man, for first-degree murder.

  The Associated Press reported that on May 29, Xiao Wan was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The complaint cited the preliminary autopsy report of Hennepin County Forensic Medical Officer: Freud suffered from coronary artery disease and hypertension Sexual heart disease. The report said that Freud died of "heart disease and potential poisons in the body." The police's restraint on him was only an incentive to accelerate the onset of his health problems. It was not the actions of the police that caused his death.

  On June 1, after the above independent autopsy report was released, the Hennepin County Forensic Office also released an autopsy report: Freud was killed by homicide. The deceased died of suffocation due to the arrest, restraint and oppression of the law enforcement personnel in the neck, which caused cardiopulmonary arrest. The report stated that Freud had "arteriosclerosis and hypertensive heart disease"; the deceased had signs of fentanyl poisoning and recent methamphetamine.

  According to a report from the CBS Minnesota website, Xiao Wan is currently being held in Oak Park Heights State Prison, the highest level of detention in the Minnesota Correctional System. Xiao Wan will appear in court on the afternoon of June 8. The other three police officers involved have been dismissed and have not been charged.

  Since last week, anti-racial discrimination demonstrations triggered by Freud’s death have lasted for several days across the United States, and violent riots have occurred. So far, dozens of cities including Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and other cities have issued curfews. (Finish)