The death of George Floyd, an American who caused unrest in the United States, is also strongly visible on the technology side. Technology companies are widely involved in protests against racism.

Spotify will add 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence to several of its playlists today, the company says. Time is how much the police kept on their knees a week ago by choking on the neck of the dead Floyd.

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It’s a broader phenomenon in the technology and music industry called Blackout Tuesday. It is set to appear on Spotify as a graphical change to popular playlists and podcasts. The playlists included in the campaign will have 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence. In addition, Spotify takes a half-day publication break on social media and gives the service a black overall color.

The unrest is also reflected in Sony’s Playstation business. The company has canceled the Playstation 5 event scheduled for tomorrow, the company says on Twitter. The reason given is “giving way to more important things”, which refers to the debate on racism in the US as well as the ongoing unrest.

Player giant, meanwhile, EA canceled the launch of his Madden 20 game scheduled for yesterday. Especially in the US, the highly popular game series American Football is one of EA's most popular products.

Google, for its part, withdrew its beta release of Android 11. According to the company, “now is not the time to celebrate,” and the opportunity will be postponed.