China News Service, June 2nd, South Korean media reported that the South Korean Central Epidemic Prevention Headquarters reported on the 2nd that as of 02:00 local time, South Korea had 38 new crown cases, 37 of which occurred in the metropolitan area; 11541 cases, a total of 272 deaths.

  Due to the frequent occurrence of regional social collective infections in the capital circle, comprehensive testing is being conducted in various places, and the number of people who received the new crown test on the 1st day reached 18,460.

The picture shows South Korea under the epidemic.

  Last week, in the aftermath of mass infections in Itaewon nightclubs in Seoul, Bucheon coupang logistics center had a mass infection, and a large number of patients were diagnosed intensively in all examinations. Recently, small-scale mass infections, such as small religious gatherings, have occurred in Gyeonggi Province and Incheon, and the epidemic has spread again. South Korean epidemic prevention authorities are studying the response measures in this regard.