Four days ago, on the 29th of last month, the controversy surrounding the three mysterious vehicles that came into the THAAD base in Soseong-ri, Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province, has not faded. The shape of the vehicle is exactly the Saad Launcher. To be precise, it is a vehicle that launches a missile. Also called TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher).

However, the Ministry of National Defense repeatedly claims that it is not a THA launch pad, but a missile transport vehicle. It is the same logic as the SAAD launch pad, but the logic of the Pentagon is that it is not a launch pad, but a transport vehicle, because it does not have a single carrier electronic module installed.

If a transport vehicle is said to have removed electronic equipment from the SAAD launch pad, the ball must be removed from the gun to become a bullet locker. The ball minus is also the gun. The SAAD launch pad minus electronic equipment is also the SAAD launch pad. On the Korean Peninsula, there are at least three more of the six launchers at the Seongju base.

It is not hidden that it is hidden, but I do not understand the intention of the Ministry of Defense to force a smoke screen. You just need to clarify the performance of Saad and the role of defense against missiles in North Korea, and reveal the use of additional carry-on launchers.
● The SAAD launch pad used to transport SAAD missiles!

Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Hong-sik said yesterday (1st) during a regular briefing: "The launch pad needs not only those vehicles, but also those components that consist of a variety of equipment." Saad's launcher means that vehicles that appear and disappear in Seongju must be equipped with special electronic equipment. In other words, the three mysterious vehicles that appeared in Seongju are the SAAD launchers with only electronic equipment removed.

The equipment called the Carrier Electronic Module is mounted on the second wheel axle of the SAAD Launcher and is a vital component of the SAAD launch. This module type is easy to attach and detach. It is essential for interceptor operations or training. When transporting missiles simply, you don't have to run around, taking care of the opposition citizens.

“The dual erection cylinders that build the launcher and the stabilizer that holds the center of the body when the launcher is built are clearly identified,” said Jong-woo Shin, chief analyst at the Korea Defense Security Forum. It was only used for transportation," he said.

The original use was for the Saad Launcher, which was used as a transport vehicle to move new interceptor missiles to the Seongju base. The SAAD launch pad is optimized for carrying a vehicle-type and SAAD missile. That's why it was put into the transport of missiles. Now, back in the USFK base, it seems that he had put on electronic equipment and regained the original appearance of the SAAD launch pad.

● The main power equipment is not from Seongju base!

The Ministry of National Defense said the equipment that entered the Seongju base is for one-on-one replacement due to the aging of existing equipment. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the new equipment has entered the Seongju base, so the same old equipment must come out. The core equipment that entered the Seongju base is the Saad interceptor missile, main power equipment, and main cooling equipment.

The number of SAAD interceptor missiles also came out, and the main cooling equipment was estimated to be an old model. However, the main power equipment did not return after entering the Seongju base. If you look at the video of CCTV recording in the village of Soseong-ri in front of the base, only the scene where the missile and the main cooling equipment are released is confirmed. Residents of Sosung-ri and activists of civic groups say that they have not seen the main power equipment appear.

Spokesman So Hyun-ri, spokesman Kang Hyun-wook, pointed out that "the defense department's claim to replace one-to-one equipment in Seongju was revealed to be a lie." "It is presumed to be part of the performance improvement of SADD," he added.

Conservative factions welcome Sadd, and progressives oppose it. China and North Korea also oppose. The U.S. is messing with SAAD bills. The government's method of calculating SAAD is compelling. I do not understand the situation. But that doesn't mean you can cover the sky with your palms and jump over it.   

(Photo = Soseong-ri General Situation Room, Yonhap News)